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Divine Healing is
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Divine Healing Ministries online:


7.30pm Monday Prayer ministry Live on IDHM Facebook page and DHM Youtube Channel


7.30pm Thursday 28th  Live stream on IDHM Facebook page and DHM Youtube Channel 

10am Friday 12th February: IDHM Annual General Meeting on Zoom

Going Deeper Quiet Day - Saturday 20th February 10am - 3pm


Going Deeper Quiet Day for IDHM Team and friends:
Saturday 20th February -  Online 10am - 3pm led by Jen Rees Larcombe and Carol Bostock. Both Jen and Carol have known grief and loss in their personal lives. Together they work at Beauty from Ashes offering prayer ministry for the hurting, five day residential healing retreats, training in prayer ministry, Quiet Days and speaking at Churches and Conferences. They will lead us in the Going Deeper Day. 

The Zoom Room opens at 10.00am and the day starts at 10.15am and closes 3pm with a half hour break when we can share a picnic lunch. 

There will be short talks, times for reflection and stillness, group sessions, breakout groups (no one needs to contribute.)
Register your interest by email to Fergus: f.mcmorrow@gmail.com


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Dear Friends,


Now is a very particular time of grace for Christians, the Church and this ministry to respond in faith rather than fear, in creativity rather than shutting down, as a community of faith and hope as against individualism and in pressing in and listening to the voice of God as so many distractions are removed from our everyday lives.


Among the ways we can respond personally and as a healing ministry over this time: 

  1. Pray in our homes with a very real sense of unity with the whole DHM family and with the wider Church.  

  2. Maximise the use of phone prayer ministry with team members and the wider DHM family. 

  3. Phone, encourage and pray for those we sense might feel vulnerable.

  4. Check out the DHM website regularly as it is being developed to provide better access and resources. 

  5. Engage with the DHM Facebook page

  6. Do prayer walks individually or with family members as appropriate and as led by the Holy Spirit.

  7. Look forward to prayer resources and CDs that we aim to safely distribute to those who don’t have internet access. 

  8. Note that our prayer involves spiritual warfare. Feel free to read the scriptures to see what the Lord is saying to us in this unique time, e.g., 2 Chronicles 6:28-31 

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Stories of Healing 

Testimony from Pamela

“I have the most wonderful news to share with you all. I went to the healing service at St. Anne’s Cathedral on 13th January with my daughter. It was very uplifting, both the service and the prayer for healing. The loveliest two people prayed for me and for my daughter Amy. I have Leukaemia AML and have had three rounds of strong chemo. However, the cancer crept back. At the healing service, the tears rolled down our faces such was the presence of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I had an appointment in the City Hospital the next morning regarding a bone marrow biopsy. An appointment was made for two weeks time. However, the consultant’s secretary phoned to ask if I could come in on Tuesday past. Naturally I began to think it must be bad news and it was a day of extreme worry.  However, the consultant was shocked when he looked at the biopsy and told me that there were no cancer cells in my bone marrow and that I had gone into remission. My blood counts have rocketed so much that they had a meeting in the morning to discuss it.

How great is our God’ praise His wonderful name. I can’t remember the names of the two people who prayed with us; the lady also led the prayer at the service. I will attend again very soon to thank them personally for the prayer, though it is God who does the miracles and I can’t praise Him enough.  How great is our God; praise His name.

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Cancerous spot

Robert Alexander who coordinates the Larne Interdenominational Divine Healing service recently sent us this testimony:


"Good news!!!   I brought a man along to the healing service at which David “Packie” Hamilton was speaking at St. Anne’s Cathedral. He had been worried about a possible cancerous spot and the consultant was going to do a biopsy.  However, after his visit to the service St Anne's the spot disappeared.  He is over the moon.  Praise the Lord!

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Healing from Severe Pain

I had been suffering from severe pain for years and dependent on a high dose of morphine (360 mg per day).  The effects of receiving prayer from Brother David Jardine, Divine Healing Ministries, my dependency on painkilling drugs has dramatically decreased, as has the pain.


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Unexpected News!

I called asking if some prayers could be said for 30 days for my Dad.  On Good Friday, upon attending the City Hospital, his consultation was better than expected.  Hopefully this improvement will continue.

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Spinal Tumour

I called asking if some prayers could be said for 30 days for my Dad.  On Good Friday, upon attending the City Hospital, his consultation was better than expected.  Hopefully this improvement will continue.

Praise God!

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Spinal Tumour

We received a phone call to the office asking for prayer for a new mother to be.  She had been at the doctor's for a routine 12-week checkup but the doctor couldn't find the baby's heartbeat.  Concerned, the doctor referred her to the hospital.  After a few days of prayer the caller phoned us again to tell us that the prayer had been answered!  After a checkup at hospital the baby's heartbeat was found and it was confirmed that the baby was fine.


Caller wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.

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You can also leave a message and contact number for one of the prayer ministry team members to arrange a prayer appointment to pray with you

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