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Help Through Cancer Treatment

I would like to thank everyone at DHM for their faithful prayers for my Mum Rosemary as she received treatment for breast cancer last year. Everyone was so filled with faith, love, joy and hope. The messages at the services as well as the CDs and booklets that we bought taught us so much and encouraged us greatly. We learned to pray in so many different ways and were guided to pray during the chemotherapy sessions themselves which went smoothly every time. Mum was not once admitted to the hospital for infection, despite the fact she was told to expect it. She ate, drank and slept well and was protected from serious side effects. We have all grown in faith as a family through this journey. My Mum received the all clear in Spring this year and is doing great! I thank the Lord for his healing power, love and grace, and for blessing us so much through this ministry. God still heals today. Thank you Lord!

Healing From Severe Pain

I had been suffering from severe pain for years and dependent on a high dose of morphine (360 mg per day).  The effects of receiving prayer from Brother David Jardine, Divine Healing Ministries, my dependency on painkilling drugs has dramatically decreased, as has the pain.



Unexpected News for Dad!

I called asking if some prayers could be said for 30 days for my Dad.  On Good Friday, upon attending the City Hospital, his consultation was better than expected.  Hopefully this improvement will continue.

Spinal Tumour


A lady phoned into the office asking for prayer for a young father who had a tumour on his spine.  The time finally came for his operation to take place and though he spent some time in surgery and recovery, the outcome of the operation was positive.  After a biopsy on the tumour it was found benign.  The lady thanked the team for their faithfulness in prayer and said she had many positive outcomes from previous prayer requests.


Praise God!

Heartbeat Found!


We received a phone call to the office asking for prayer for a new mother to be.  She had been at the doctor's for a routine 12 week checkup but the doctor couldn't find the baby's heartbeat.  Concerned, the doctor referred her to the hospital.  After a few days of prayer the caller phoned us again to tell us that the prayer had been answered!  After a checkup at hospital the baby's heartbeat was found and it was confirmed that the baby was fine.


Caller wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.

Healing at St Finnian's


I have been attending the St Finnian's Healing Service for the last 2 years now (about twice a month) and I would like to thank you for the inner healing that it has brought to me, and for a measure of physical healing for my son. I began to attend as both my sons have varying levels of autism. After attending your services for 6 weeks my youngest son's teacher told me that she had been astonished at his progress during that time. I hadn't told her about the Healing Service but I took this as encouragement that the Lord is healing in His time. Thank you for the beautiful, welcoming and Spirit filled evenings, I look forward to attending again this autumn.



Amputation No Longer Necessary!


This is  a letter to thank you for an answer to prayer.  Some months ago I asked you to pray for my friend who has diabetes and was in trouble with his foot and leg.  The doctors thought they might have to amputate a part off.  As a wonderful answer to prayer the foot has healed over and he is wonderfully healed.  Thank you so much for this answer to God's grace and loving care.



Miraculous Healing for Elizabeth


I have received so much healing from God through Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries! In my late 40s I thought my life was over, due to chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia which restricted me to working (exhausted) but little else.


In 2000 I became a Christian but, I must admit, had little joy or peace because of continuing health problems and exhaustion. I had experienced God’s healing from attending occasional healing services in my own church and from a couple who prayed with me individually. One Sunday I noticed a little newsletter in the church foyer: ‘Christian Healing’ and was amazed at the list on the back cover of the ‘Ministry of Divine Healing’ services. My friend Lynda was nearby and I asked her if she had ever gone to any of these services and she confirmed she went often and arranged to take me to one the next Tuesday in St Finnian's, Cregagh. I will always be grateful to her for that!


That continued my healing in mind, body and spirit and I have learnt so much from the teaching of Brother David Jardine and others, especially about thanking God for my healing so that it would continue, and about the importance of prayer and forgiveness of others and ourselves. There was a fantastic selection of leaflets and CDs to reinforce this learning and for me to use at home. I soon started attending every time I felt weak and in need of a ‘top up’ from God.

About 6 months ago I started going to the service in St Anne’s most Monday nights at 8pm. I was involved in a mission project in my local community on a Sunday and sometimes had to miss church. The praise and service alone has been incredibly healing and strengthening. Through these services and those in my home church God has brought me through some challenging times with joy and a real sense of His closeness and love.


When I say to people that God has healed me from Fibromyalgia they look a bit sceptical and think, I believe, that I can’t have had it as badly as them! But just before Easter I experienced immediate healing at the Monday night service and I was in no doubt where it came from! Due to severe knee pain I had had 17 sessions with a physiotherapist and faithfully done my exercises between sessions. The previous week we had got to the stage where she felt I should have an X-ray to see was there more than just muscular problems. Two women from the DHM team at St Anne’s prayed for me that night and laid their hands on my knees. At the end one of them asked me to stand up and flex my left knee (the sorest one). It felt completely different and pain free!! I thanked them and thanked God and almost ran down the marble steps again. When I went for anointing with oil to Fergus McMorrow I couldn’t contain myself and confessed: “God has just healed my knees!!”


Following Brother David’s teaching I thank God for my healing every time I go up and down my stairs at home as this used to be very painful. I have also reinforced the healing several times by inviting the Holy Spirit to continue to heal my knees, using the DHM ‘Praying for Ourselves’ CD. Yesterday I found myself running up the stairs! Without pain! I have also stopped taking daily anti-inflammatory tablets. The GP told me recently that the x-ray (taken before the healing) showed moderate osteoarthritis in both knees but I just said: “That was before I got healed!” I continue with my exercises though to strengthen my muscles.


Praise the Lord! Endless thanks to Him and to all at Divine Healing Ministries.



Amy's Healing from Cancer


Amy has just recently been given the 'all clear' from cancer and writes "as I experience the beautiful healing power of Christ in my life, I want to thank you for your prayers during this time, I thank you".



Mark's Battle with Smoking Addiction

A card received from Mark F to Brother David and the Healing Team:

As a regular attender to the Monday evening service, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for everyone's prayers and kind words in recent months in helping me through my fight against the addiction to smoking.

The Lord is kind-hearted and strengthens me as I enter week 7 without cigarettes being part of my daily routine.

At present I feel truly blessed to know God's strength and love.

Many thanks, and all glory to God the Father.

Mark F

H's Journey with Cancer


For over three years I have been living with cancer. I have had two major operations as well as two chemotherapy treatments. I have undergone these courses of chemotherapy and have found great strength through the power of prayer.


I have gone to the Shankill Rd Methodist Church on Thursday mornings and regularly to St. Anne’s for prayer. Unfortunately, after the second course of chemotheraphy the surgeon, who had originally performed my first operation felt uneasy about doing any further surgery as the tumour was in a very difficult and delicate area but a friend suggested that I should get a second opinion.


Eventually, I was introduced to a surgeon at another hospital. Thankfully, this surgeon happened to be experienced at operating where the new tumour was located.  In my opinion this was a “divine appointment”. The surgery was undertaken and, praise God, it was successful. There have been check-ups since the operation and thankfully to date everything appears well.  I will have further check-ups and we continue to pray that the healing process will go on.


My gratitude obviously goes to the medical profession who by the grace of God are looking after me.


I continue to feel much better and I am extremely grateful to God, the team members of Divine Healing Ministries and all others who are praying with and for me.  My husband and I continue to come for prayer as well as thanksgiving.  



Several years ago I was diagnosed with Mono-Neuritis-Multiplex. One symptom being that my right hand lost power and feeling, and playing the organ became increasingly different. I was prescribed a 6 month course of steroids which would inevitably have side effects. Just before starting the course the choir and I performed at a healing service in Ballycarry led by Mike and Billy.


At the end of the service the choir, realising my problems, suggested that I go forward for the laying on of hands. A member of the Divine Healing Ministries team laid his hands on my head and prayed.


I delayed starting the steroids and decided to trust in the power of God working through prayer. I never did have to take the prescription.

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