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"Wonderfully free" - Thursday 30th March, St. Patrick's Ballymacarrett

"Wonderfully Free" - Final healing service at St. Patrick's Church of Ireland Ballymacarrett before the Easter break.

We welcome Darrell and Anthea Cocup from "Wonderfully Free Ministries":

- "Many years ago, when we ran our first church Home Group we used to finish the evening with us all eating pizza around our kitchen table. People would (eventually) go home, but invariably there’d be folk who requested extra prayer and they’d stay behind. Often the same issues cropped up week after week without them being resolved. We felt we needed to be better equipped to help people deal with their issues and achieve a lasting breakthrough.

Through various connections, we came across Dawna de Silva and Sozo. Right away we knew that Sozo was for us; it was fast, effective and got to the roots of issues. More importantly, it helped people to gain an understanding and connection with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit."

Originally from Northern Ireland, Darrell and Anthea live and work on the edge of Salisbury Plain.

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