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Going Deeper 17th June - with Messianic Jew Matthew Rudolph

We are excited and expectant to welcome Matthew Rudolph to this "Going Deeper" Day on Saturday 17th June. Matthew is a Jewish believer in Jesus (Yeshua) He is one of thousands of Jewish People who have become Christians but self- identify as Messianic Jews. Most, like Matthew, are also Baptised in the Holy Spirit. Matthew is Leader of Gateways Beyond International, a family of messianic missional communities, which has a discipleship training school in a number of countries including Cyprus, US, Israel, Germany etc. Matthew has long been inspired by Irish Celtic Christianity and is passionate about seeing God’s glory being revealed in Israel, Ireland and the nations.

Here are some gems shared by Matthew on his previous to Ireland:

- We're called to redeem the wells of past moves of God.

- Recognise the treasure in the last move. Esteem what God esteems.

- Draw inspiration from the ancient well. We then have to find fresh expressions.

- There needs to be a fresh courage to build like Patrick did, like Columba did, like Brendan and Brigid did

- There are some 250 High crosses and 90 Round Towers on Monastic sites in Ireland. Some people see ruins I hear the shout of The Irish Celtic church, which has been a great inspiration to us.

- We need one another. No one stream has everything- so no one can receive the glory. Mutual independence is key

"My dad and mum and my siblings were missionaries in India when I was 5 years old. As a child we were released into evangelism and healing the sick alongside our parents."

We are looking forward to Matthew's visit. It is wonderful to be a part of preparing the Body of Christ to flow in a deeper unity together as they bless God's purposes concerning Israel and the Jewish people. This is preparing the way for the return of the Lord.

To book your place, send an email to:

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