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30th Anniversary of DHM - 27th March 2023

At 7.30pm on Monday 27th March at St. Anne’s Cathedral there will be a 30th Anniversary Service for Divine Healing Ministries.

Divine Healing Ministries was founded by Church of Ireland clergyman Br. David Jardine along with Sr. Margaret McStay, a Cross and Passion Sister.

The first interdenominational healings service led by Br David Jardine began in the Cathedral in 1993. Brother David has noted that: “During that time enormous healing has taken place in body, mind and spirit. Indeed, there have been quite a number of notable healing miracles, and we wanted to come together to thank God for everything He has been doing over these 30 years.’

There will be a time of worship, testimonies of healing and the speakers at this special service will the well known priest `and exorcist Fr. Pat Collins CM from Dublin along with Br. David.

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