Thank you Message from Norman Sleator

Dear Friends,

Today has been a milestone on my journey with colon cancer which started just about one year ago. To keep it short, I met my Oncologist this morning on foot of a CEA [cancer markers] test last Monday [10th].

My CEA reading is currently at the top of the 'normal' range, it has been coming down steadily since Sept '19. The current level is good enough for the Oncologist to sign me off his books and refer me back to the Colorectal Surgeon for on-going monitoring. Probably a colonoscopy once or twice a year [my guess]. I will know more when I meet the surgeon on 4 March 2020.

God undoubtedly answers prayer! God is good and His love does endure for ever! So first and foremost I give thanks to Him who is keeping his promise to go before me and to be with me, not to leave or forsake me, and for keeping his word that I am not to be afraid or discouraged. [Deut 31:8].

I can't thank you enough for travelling on this journey with me, you have the patience of Job. Your prayers, and God's answers, have been an invaluable support to me at all times, carrying me through a number of valleys which thankfully were few and far between. But maybe that was because He was carrying me through more than I was aware of.

I now pray that, in the power of His Spirit, I can keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and continue to serve Him more and more at DHM and St Finnian's or wherever He calls.

Thank you and God bless you.