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Prophetic words received this week from our friends at the Maranatha Community have been speaking into our hearts:

“Shocking, shocking, shocking, what I am about to do…

..You just need to remain in My shelter, attached to Me, connected to Me, part of Me, submitted to me, rejoicing with Me, walking with Me.. The world will be shocked. You will not be shocked. You will be with Me. I am fulfilling My purposes…”

The Lord is preparing us for such a time.

There is still time to register for the “Going Deeper Day” taking place next Saturday 2nd September at St. John’s, Helen’s Bay. We are expectant as Anne Donaldson will help us speak prophetically into being aligned in the Lord for such a time.

Tea/ coffee provided and just bring a packed lunch as we worship and lean into the Lord in the beautiful surroundings of Helen’s Bay. To register, simply send an email to: