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Divine Healing Ministries

Registered with The Charities Commission for Northern Ireland NIC101661

Divine Healing Ministries was founded in 1992 to pray for the healing of individuals and of our land.  Prayer for healing is offered weekly at five different venues in Belfast.

What is Divine Healing?

Divine Healing is an endeavour, through prayer, counselling, the laying-on of hands, and anointing with oil, to bring to someone in need of wholeness the healing love of Jesus Christ.

What can I receive prayer for?

Loneliness, past hurts, anxiety, stress, recovery from sickness, physical healing, broken relationship, your relationship with God, someone you are concerned about, temptation, guidance over a decision. You can receive prayer for any need in your life.

What can I expect?

Sometimes God does a miracle instantaneously, but today people are often healed gradually over a period of time. Through prayer, we can expect to find peace, strength and healing, and at least an improvement in our condition.


Where will it be?

Weekly in-person prayer for healing is offered by Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries in St. Patrick's Church of Ireland, Ballymacarrett, Belfast, BT4 1GZ.


You're also welcome to pray with us wherever you are every Monday at 7.30pm through our LIVE online prayer ministry:


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In all of these avenues where prayer is offered on a weekly basis there is a very committed and compassionate prayer ministry team, who will greet you with compassion and sensitivity.

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